Gimpex Supreme V-Belts


The v-belts are made of rubber with fabric cords to transmit power and it’s enclosed with a defensive layer. The cords transmit the power from the motorist to the driven pulley, thereby transmit the power. The number of cords is improved based on strength requirements. The rubber layer transmits the force in the cord to the side layers.

» When synchronisation of the driven and driver speed is required, Timing Belts give unsurpassed efficiency, economy and performance.
» Positive Non-Slip Drive — Belt-pulley compatibility assure constant output speed (exact speed ratio) without skipping, vibration, slippage or speed variation.
» Positioning accuracy at constant driven speed, Synchronous belt drives are over 99% energy efficient, leading to lower operating costs.
» Because timing belts do not require re-tensioning and, unlike gears or chain, require no lubrication, they are ideal for applications where maintenance is difficult and downtime is costly.
» The “tooth grip” principle of timing belts does not require high tension, so bearing loads are minimised, resulting in longer bearing and motor life.
» Design versatility makes timing belts the right choice for a variety of applications. Speeds can range from 1 to over 10,000 RPM; load carrying capacity can vary from fractional to hundreds of horsepower.
» Drives are compact because pulleys are small and center distances are short. Per horsepower transmitted, timing belts weigh only a fraction of alternative methods.
» Reduced Noise and vibration levels. Do not stretch in use and are corrosion free. Clean operation makes them ideal for contamination sensitive applications.


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