Industrial pulley systems involve drive elements, such as belts, cables, ropes, and chains that move over grooves provided inside the industrial pulley system. They are applied to lift heavy weights with ease and hence, are of prime importance in heavy lifting tasks in the industrial space.

Standard Imperial Pulleys (SIP) are commonly used V Belt Pulleys in the market. Commonly known as C.I. (Cast Iron) Pulley or Through bore pulley.

» These C.I. V-Belt Pulley are made from very high quality raw material which ensures high durability at its user end.
» These C.I. V-Belt Pulley are in high demand in the market. Different sizes and designs, as per requirements, are easily available in the market.

SIP Pulleys are available in
SOLID type, SEMI-SOLID type, HOLES type & ARMS type

» A : 02″ OD to 24″ OD – single groove to 5 grooves
» B : 02″ OD to 24″ OD – single groove to 5 grooves
» C : 03″ OD to 36″ OD – single groove to 8 grooves
» D : 06″ OD to 48″ OD – twin grooves to 18 grooves


2 Piece Pulleys

taper lock pulley

QD bush pulley